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Medical education is expensive. We spend thousands of dollars we probably don’t have on books, computers, licenses, exams, conferences, memberships, and subscriptions to stay up to date on current topics in medicine (and it’s not like you’re making tons of money in medical school and residency…

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We believe in free education for those motivated enough to learn. Our goal with Simply Psych Edu is to provide an affordable platform for learning high yield topics in Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Psychopharmacology, and other relevant topics in mental health. Resources provided here may be used by medical students, residents, fellows, practicing psychiatrists, non-psychiatric physicians, or anyone interested in learning more about Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Psychopharmacology, and Mental Health.

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This site is an ongoing project. As support for the site grows, so will the content. While we do our best to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on relevant topics, some information may be outdated. 


Michael T. Ingram, Jr., M.S., M.D.


Who are you?


“Who am I? I am someone who ponders those impossible questions that have intangible answers. My passion for Truth is rooted in my philosophical being. I am a scientist. I am someone who tries to understand rather than know; who tries to ask why things are rather than what they are or how they are. I look for greater meaning; for the bigger picture rather than the details that stand alone, lifeless, until others bring them to life. I think about how those details fit and interact with each other to produce the beautiful image life creates. The world is an interacting social network of infinite possibilities; all determined by how those details attract or repel each other. My actions, my words, and my emotions can affect other people, making life a privilege and a responsibility. So to answer the question “Who am I?” I say that I am alive and motivated for precisely that question. I am on that quest, the quest of life, the quest to know, the quest to make a difference in the world.” -M.T.I.


Education and Training



Occidental College

Bachelor of Arts, Biochemistry (Honors)


Graduate School:

Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California

Master of Science, Global Medicine


Medical Training:

Albany Medical College

Doctor of Medicine (MD)


Residency Training:

University of California, Riverside School of Medicine 

Chief Resident, 2018-2019


Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship Program:

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA Program)

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Greater Los Angeles VA Medical Center





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